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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekly To-Do Printable

If you follow this blog at all, you know I am no stranger to the list! I LOVE lists! Christmas lists, grocery lists, cleaning lists, to do lists, lists of lists... I have a lot of lists! However, I am horrible at keeping a planer, I've bought them, and tried, but they always seem to get too dirty, too mashed, too folded or wrinkled, and my OCD kicks in and they get tossed. I searched Pinterest for a weekly to do printable and found an adorable one that I loved, but it wasn't QUITE what I was looking for. SO I took the general idea and revamped it to include what I needed! I shared the list on my new Instagram (stefs.fav.things) and was asked to share! I've revamped it since then, after using it for a few weeks I decided it needed some things added, and others removed! SO here you go! if you print and use, be sure to tag #lovelylittlesnippets! I want to see!


mwimp said...

when I click the link, it tells me "the item you are trying to access has either been deleted or not available to you"

Katie said...

Same here. I can't download it. :(

Karen Rock said...

I have the same problem. I would love to download this!

bhrat said...


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AR87 said...

Is there a way to download this without having to create a Box account? It's prompting me to sign up and there's a cost associated - I'd love to be able to download free and print!

fddsffe said...

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Jenn said...

The box app won’t let me sign in. Is there a way I can save it to google drive or pdf?

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