Monday, September 16, 2013

Menu Monday

My little guy started PRESCHOOL! Can you believe it!? Am I old enough to have a kid in preschool!? Apparently I am? Who knew!? ;) 
In other news... I am sick. Bluck. Mom's should not get sick. Although, neither should 5 month old baby girls... and she's in the same boat. Whenever I get sick, I always think of this song from the album My Turn on Earth. You can't be grateful for your health if you've never been sick! But gosh darn it... I want to feel better!

Monday: Ranchhouse Porkchops and twice baked potatoes
Tuesday: Fish Sandwiches and green salad.
Wednesday: Hawaiian Haystacks
Thursday: Horseradish Salmon and baked potatoes
Friday: Date Night
Saturday: Kung Pao Chicken and white rice
Sunday: Roast and Potatoes

1 comment:

The Candlands said...

I love that you referenced My Turn on Earth! I sing Angel Lullaby to my baby every night!

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