Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Versitile Blogger Award!

Carol from Are we there yet? awarded me this sweet award!
Thank you Carol! I love getting these kind of awards and hearing the kind things that other bloggers have to say!
So, here are the rules -

1. Add the award to your blog. (check)
2. Thank the blogger that gave it to you. (check)
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (below)
4. List the rules. (check)
5. Award to 15 bloggers. (below)
6. Notify the 15 of the award by leaving a comment on their blog. (we'll see if I can get that done before the little man's nap is over)

Hmm... 7 random things...
#1. My Husband is cleaner than I am... sad, I know... but true. Don't get me wrong, I clean all the time, but he is the master.
#2. I would rather have a second helping of dinner rather than dessert. I'm not huge into sweets. Give me doritos over m&m's any day.
#3. I LOVED being pregnant. I feel so blessed that I was able to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnany and I really hope the next one will be just as awesome. I really can't wait to be pregnant again!
#4. I am a cheap-o. My sister in law laughs at me because I have such a hard time spending money. I buy my clothes on sale, groceries with pricematch, and my DIY projects at yard sales. Unless it's something I really want... then I have no problem forking over the cash.
#5. I lose things. Easily. I cant even count the number of times I have lost my keys, or my phone. I was SO glad when we got a car that had a keyless start/lock system. that way I can bury them in my purse and never have to take them out.
#6. I am super duper nostalgic. I love traditions, heirlooms, anything that has to do with linking generations.
#7. I have a hard time remembering to pay bills. 99% of our bills I've had to set up as automatic withdrawl, or I totally space it and we have to pay late fees. And somehow I still forget to pay that 1% of the rest of them!

Hopefully those were random enough!
Now here's my 15 bloggers! (ps. somewhere along the line this got changed from 10 to 15... so I'm going to change it back.)
Joy is at Home- I love Suzy's blog! She makes the cutest stuff! She also recently found out that she has a little mister on the way! Yay for mommas with little boys! ;)
Sunny Side Up- I am secretly obsessed with this blog. My cute friend Hope told me to check out her friends blog a long time ago, and I have been hooked ever since! I would KILL for her organizing skills!
Peggy's Pantry- This is my Husband's Aunt, I LOVE her recipes, they are those homemade-downhome-yummy-wannamakeittonight kind of recipes!
Silver Boxes- I think I have awarded this blog an award before, but I cant help it! Love her blog! And I feel like our names kind of gave us an instant bond! ;)
Life should Cost Less- Sara had amazing ideas to save money in your home. I love looking through her ideas! Now if only I had the time to put them all to use!
Over the Big Moon- Pam and Lisa are amazing! I am constantly in awe of how much time and love they pour into their blog! I love all their preschool packs and I cant wait until my little buster is old enough to use them!
Healthified Kitchen -I am a sucker for a healthy blog, but this one... I actually would make and EAT the recipes! They all look SO yummy!
Domestic Imperfection - I LOVE Ashley's blog, she is seriously hillarious! All of her projects are so amazing!
Cooking on Clover Lane- Can you ever have too many great recipe blogs? the answer in no. I spent like an hour looking through all of her recipes the other day and found so many to drool over!
My Yellow Sandbox- I love looking through all of the fun hairstyles that Abby posts on her blog! Makes me want my hair to grow faster :(



Carol @arewethereyet said...

Stef - I really was beginning to think we were long lost twins (maybe 40 years apart - ha!) when you were posting your random things - I don't eat sweets and I loved being pregnant (33 and 27years ago)! However, being the OCD person I am, I'm very organized so IF I can't find something it drives me NUTS!!!! Everything in its place and you'll always know where it is!

I'm so thilled that you enjoyed the award - I will be sure to check out some of the great blogs you picked to recieve the award!

Carol @arewethereyet

Erin said...

Hi Stefanie! I am honored to be on your list of blogs! Thank you so much for the shout out. And you! You are such a doll and your blog looks like so much fun. Love it! Thanks again! You made my day. :)

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